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Delivering Certifications built on recognized Open Standards, combining Optimal Technologies, and enabling wide distribution and reliability through industry best practices. IPSI is Making Safety Standard.

September 7, 2022

IPSI. International Public Safety Institute announces launch of comprehensive 
suite of training and certification programs serving the public safety community.


Making Safety Standard: New Non-Profit Organization Provides Training Programs and Certification for Next Generation of Public Safety Officials – International Public Safety Institute (IPSI)

ASBURY PARY, NEW JERSEY,  September 7, 2022 – IPSI. International Public Safety Institute, 
(https://internationalpublicsafetyinstitute.org) announces the launch of its comprehensive suite of training and certification programs specially designed to serve the public safety community.
IPSI is a non-profit educational organization created by public safety experts dedicated to empowering professionals with the latest technologies and best practices through education and certification. On November 1st IPSI will roll out a series of state-of-the-art programs that define Certification – the new gold standard of excellence signifying the best-in-class training for public safety personnel.

IPSI’s main objective is to break the mold of what many public safety training programs look like today – pre-recorded presentations with little interaction. IPSI faculty will present all programs and encourage student participation and exchange of experiences. They will not be just teaching from textbooks; their programs are developed with the assistance of hand-picked training developers. All IPSI curriculum is reviewed by experienced practitioners. IPSI faculty members have cumulative experience spanning decades of practice. That kind of training is absolutely priceless for students.

IPSI – A New Kind of Public Safety Certification

Launched on Open Standards: Public Safety Certification relies on a bedrock of known, quantifiable standards that are met in a measurable process. IPSI is currently building a universal Public Safety Certification that is open – allowing experts to review, contribute, and rely upon it to measure competence and expertise.
Leveraging Existing Technologies: New technologies are researched, developed, and released almost every day. New technical innovations must balance risk, proximity, and adoption rates with quality, benefits, capabilities, and cost. IPSI delivers that balance – weighing the benefits of new tech while training personnel to be ready for what comes next.

Combined with Best Practices: Best practices are established and maintained by a wide range of stakeholders in the public safety ecosystem. Public systems, practitioners, manufacturers, and many others all contribute to these practices used nationwide and internationally. IPSI will be a gold standard for what is accepted practice.

Making Safety Standard: Public safety begins with confidence that those providing services are both educated and credentialed. IPSI Certifications combine expertise of current and emerging technologies and practice – assuring best practices and implementation every step of the way. IPSI Certifications are a seal of excellence and trust.

IPSI – Current Programs Available for Technicians

- ​Work Zone Safety
- Fire Alarm Systems
- Traffic Control and Inspection
- Signs and Pavement Markings
- Roadway Lighting
- Transportation Center Operations
- Educational Methodologies

IPSI is streamlining access to the latest public safety requirements by providing training and certification that spans public safety disciplines while also providing direct accreditation resources for each. They are simplifying certification renewals, helping to keep the public safety community’s certification credentials up to date – all from one convenient place.

For more detailed information on public safety training programs and certifications, visit IPSI online. And follow IPSI on social media: FacebookLinkedInYouTubeInstagram.

About International Public Safety Institute (IPSI)

IPSI was established as a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to serving the training and certification needs of public safety professionals working in a multitude of technical fields.

Public agencies and private service providers utilize the tools and technologies that protect the public every hour of every day – technical personnel bring it all together with innovative technologies to save lives and keep everyone safe. Protecting the public is a team effort. The directors of IPSI bring over 250 years of hands-on technical experience to help guide the training programs dedicated to your success in protecting public safety.

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